Bootham School PE - a guide to keeping fit   

Staying physically fiand healthy at home is important – but not always easy. Our department has been reviewing various sporting websites and resources  to recommend some of them to you – so that you can keep fit during your time at home, whilst also continuing to develop your skills in one or maybe several sports. 

We understand that you may not all have the same amount of equipment or space (both indoor and out) so often you might have to adapt the skills to your surroundings – without breaking any furniture, greenhouse windows…or yourself! 

Plan to do at least 3 exercise sessions a week. 30 minutes daily would be even better! Record them using the fitness log we will send to you. We want to keep track of your progress and we want you to keep in touch with photos and videos of your work.  More to come on that! 

Remember to WARM UP and STRETCH. Don’t do anything that could make you end up in A&E – hospitals are busy enough. Find things you enjoy doing and maybe have a go at something new.  The PE department will be here to help you throughout this time 


General Fitness Workouts  The body coach – Joe Wicks. Daily workouts for young people. Joe is good fun and these work outs are geared towards younger children. Although he does to workouts for all ages- Including your Grandparents! The Les Mills work outs are fantastic, quite challenging, but cool vibes - offers lots of variety like dance and hiit. Much like you would find in the gym. Alice LiveingThe girl who has the workout range @ primark - she does workout and nutrition talks - Potentially good for older girls - she also has an instagram account. Women’s health youtube channel is great - lots of celebs and lots of workouts- really good for older girls. Lottie Murphy youtube channel - she is a pilates wiz - vids are good as they are not too long - 6mins-30min 




Yoga  A fantastic yoga app which is free until July. Age group specific work outs from very young to adults. Superb!  Excellent for young children at BJS 



Athletics  Weekly challenges from England athletics.  You need to download an app for the ‘athletics 365’ but it is a good home athletics resource. 



Basketball     Junior NBA home skills, drills and fitness ideas. See if you can progress through some of these skills  Some good drills and skills here. More to do if you have a basket/hoop 

Cricket  Wiltshire cricket kids’ workbook (potentially aimed at years 3-6) If you are very keen on cricket then this is fun!  Short videos of skills you can do at home. You may require someone to feed the ball with some of the drills. 







Football  Lots of individual football skills to practice at home (All ages)  FA learning youtube channel. Some fun skills and good football advice under the #footballstayinghome banner   F2 Freestylers. Some ‘interesting’ ideas - Be careful with some of them though. 



Netball  England netball have a take netball home campaign which has some good resources and an area where you could potentially buy some training equipment.  skills and drills to do at home SupernettersVery good explanation of shooting technique and some drills to go with it.    Some basic to advanced netball skills for you to have a go at (year 7 plus) 


Tennis  A very good resource with videos of skills you can do at home.  


Running  A site to help you track runs. A good app for your phone  The Cooper run is a 12 minute run. Measure out a specific distance (any length as long as you know how far it is) Run for exactly 12 minutes. Calculate distance and then measure against the results calculator which will give you and age/sex/distance record for Vo2 max. 250-400 metres around the block would be ideal. Challenge your family and friends! 

Swimming   10 useful land- based exercises for dedicated swimmers to keep in shape 






Table Tennis   Coaching tips for table tennis - if you have a table   A beginners guide to table tennis skills - if you have a table 



For young children 




Other useful physical activity sites  General fun physical games to play at home - maybe with the family  A very good site from sport England about exercising at home. Promotes other resources and apps you could possibly use to keep fit. 



Stay Safe and keep Active!                                                                                                     




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