• Junior Projects

  • Ali Almazedi & Naman Patel

    Why is advertising and data-collection so important? It all comes down to keeping the user on the page for as long as possible. Facebook uses data collected from Whatsapp to tweak/improve your Facebook and Instagram feed so that you can stay on the app for longer, and look at their ads for longer. In 2019, data, your data, surpassed oil in its value to become the most valuable item in the world. It was only now that we had realised that this was only the tip of the iceberg, and there was so much more. So we wanted to do more research into this.

  • Caspar McDermott

    I built this build to show off my Minecraft abilities. Many people, who do not play Minecraft, do not understand technical builds in this game and therefore I built something that is easily recognised as the London Bridge. I hope that this build impresses people who may not understand Minecraft and those that do. I spent many hours building this, I started with the ground layer and built it upwards changing little bits every time. I used the London bridge as inspiration more than anything because I wanted my build to be uniquely mine. So here is my junior project.

  • Dinithi Ramanayake

    I chose this project because 2020 has been a hard year on all of us but it is also a year full of opportunities to learn and grow and I wanted to reflect on that. Enjoy!

  • Dominic Thunhurst

    This project aims to explain Particle Physics with reference to Forces and Quarks; and why they matter.  

    I have chosen to do my Junior Project on this subject, not only because I find it fascinating, but because without our knowledge of particle physics, we wouldn’t have things like MRI machines or touch-screens.  The application of particle physics to everyday life is therefore very important.  I wanted to know more about the particles and the way in which they interact.

  • Finn Pudsey

    My Junior Project is about The Cold War, its important figures, the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Alliances and the impact of The Cold War on York.

  • Floella Thompson

    My Junior Project is all about what Palm Oil is, it’s sustainability and why it is so important/popular.

  • Francesca Seedat

    For my project, I have chosen to look into animation and how it works. I wanted to look into animation due to the fact that I already have had an interest in it and wanted to continue looking into it for my project.

  • Isabelle Hyams

    My presentation is about the rise and fall of the first female British Prime Minister - Margaret Thatcher. A controversial figure in modern British History, her legacy has had a significant effect on the way we live our life today.

  • Issy Ashforth

    I decided to research the Doomsday Clock as I had first heard about it a few years ago and it had caught my attention. The candid title and the style of the clock really caught my eye. It was interesting to research as, for every time it has been set, it tells you about our modern human history post WWII. 

  • Joe Mottram

    You may be thinking that artificial intelligence will rise to power and control our lives  sometime in the distant future, but you’re wrong! That’s pretty much what social  media does today. 

    In this presentation, I will share my research on how robotics impact everyday life,  how it’s helped during the pandemic and what might happen some time in the future.

  • Lilia Dean

    The research in this document covers facts and myths for some of the most popular constellations and also talks about their families.

  • Lizzie Hughes

    An in-depth analysis of a centuries-old psychological debate - do our personalities develop through our upbringing or our genetics?

  • Lucas Hu

    I chose a subject about astronomy, because I had in the past learnt a lot about it. I am very interested in this topic so I gathered all my knowledge and put it in a detailed timeline of the basics of astronomy.

  • Olivia Whitby

    My junior project looked into the history of the English language, going from one of the first hypothesised languages, Proto-Indo-European to Modern day English. I explored how the languages branched off, mixed and evolved to get to where we are today.

  • Romilly Tuckley

    The Spanish Flu was a pandemic of Influenza A that raged through the world in 1918 and 1919. Killing an approximated 50-100 million people, this event inevitably changed the world. So, how did it change the world?

  • Summer Harvey

    The reason why I picked dreams as my subject to focus on was because of how much it fascinates me. I love the idea of the theories people have about having an ultimate universe when we fall asleep. Another reason would be that I’m genuinely curious why humans and other species have dreams and not just black-out sleep. Maybe dreams are our messages or signs to do things in life, or entertainment. No one knows why, and that made me want to investigate more into the topic.

  • Theo Lindridge

    In this presentation I explore optical illusions and why they work for some people better than others. I chose this topic because I have always wondered what happens in my brain and eyes while starting at illusions.

  • Tilly Potten

    Sea Monsters - a brief history of the reality and mythology from across the globe about some of the most speculated and unknown creatures in our history.

  • William Gale

    As I have an interest in cycling, I decided to base my presentation on all the different aspects of the Tour de France, and what the riders would experience. Over the course of this project, I have expanded my knowledge of the race and hope to share my passion for this underrated sport.

  • Yasmin Seedat

    My Junior Project is all about how the animation industry has evolved and changed throughout the years, as well as the processes and techniques used to create a finished film. I chose this as my project because I wanted to learn more about how exactly animated films are made and how animation grew to become what it is today.