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      These are sites to use for good reading ideas and author information.

      These sites should be regarded as on-line tools for selecting books to read. They will all encourage reading for pleasure and are good at suggesting new authors to try if you enter a search for a book you enjoyed.
      They will also keep you up to date with new books. To navigate to these sites just follow the links in the logos.

      Good Reads A complicated site, varied content with lists, trivia and quizzes but very good.
      Teen Reads        Best site for teenagers but can be slow.
      Love Reading 4 Kids       Excellent for parents and students with books categorised by reading age, genre etc. There are suggestions for reluctant reader's, dyslexia sufferers etc. Massive!
      Book Browse A super site, each book has:- about the book, reviews of it, background to the book and readalikes. Lots to enjoy here.
      Fantastic Fiction Although this site looks a bit garish it is  easy to use. There is an alphabetical list of authors and links to new books, coming soon and most popular. 
      Word Pool The initial impression of this site is that it is for junior children, look further!
      Library Thing For serious readers library thing is really good. You can catalogue your own books and add reviews. Excellent site for what to read next sugestions.
      Contemporary Writers British Council Literature showcases UK writing and the UK literature sector around the world, serious reading!
      Total Teen Fiction This a blog rather than a website but it is good for readers in Year8/9 and above. The book reviews are quite detailed and lengthy but give a clear indication what the book is like and they also recommend other novels to read that are similar. There is an index to the site and Book of the Month etc.
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