Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable use policy for IT including personal electronic devices



The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of students
  • Prevent bullying
  • Maintain the school’s Quaker ethos
  • Protect the school’s IT equipment and the data held on the school’s IT systems


What is expected of you

You are expected to act in line with the school’s behavioural expectations, including when using IT resources and personal electronic devices. This includes being honest and truthful, and treating everyone with kindness, courtesy, consideration and respect.


The school's IT resources, including email and internet access, are provided for educational purposes, communication with friends and family, and appropriate recreational activities. You are expected to use these resources in a responsible manner.


It is not possible to compile a complete set of regulations about what is, and what is not, acceptable. The following list provides some examples of the rules that you, by using the school’s network or electronic devices in school, are agreeing to uphold:


  1. I understand that illegal activities of any kind are strictly forbidden.
  2. I will not create, send, share or post any material that is likely to cause offence or needless anxiety to other people or bring the school into disrepute.
  3. I will always use appropriate language and I will remember that I am a representative of the school on a global public system.
  4. I will not use language that could stir up hatred against any ethnic, religious or other minority group or that could be perceived as hurtful.
  5. I realise that files held on school systems may be checked by the IT Department or other authorised members of staff.
  6. I will not trespass into, or seek to gain access to, other users’ files, folders, devices or online content.
  7. I will not share my login details (including passwords) with anyone else. Likewise, I will never use other people’s username and password.
  8. I will ensure that if I think someone has learned my password then I will change it immediately and/or contact the IT Department.
  9. I will ensure that I log off after I finish using a device.
  10. If I find an unattended machine logged on under another user’s username I will not use the machine, but will log it off immediately.
  11. I am aware that email is not guaranteed to be private. Messages regarding illegal activities will be reported to the authorities. Anonymous / unnamed messages are not permitted. All email messages to school staff must be sent from my school email. (
  12. I will not use the network in any way that would disrupt use of the network by others.
  13. I will report to a member of staff, any accidental access to other people’s information, unsuitable websites or being sent inappropriate materials that make me feel uncomfortable.
  14. I will not attempt to visit websites that might be considered inappropriate or illegal. (If you wish to access an online resource that is blocked by the School’s filters, please use the form on the Student Portal giving a reason why.) I am aware that downloading some material is illegal and the police or other authorities may be called to investigate such use.
  15. I will not download and/or install any unapproved software, system utilities or resources from the Internet onto a school resource.
  16. I will not receive, send or publish material that violates copyright law. This includes materials sent / received using Video Conferencing or Web Broadcasting.
  17. I will not attempt to harm or destroy any equipment, work of another user on the school network, or even another website or network connected to the school system.
  18. I will not attempt to bypass school monitoring systems and understand that VPNs and Peer to Peer networks are strictly forbidden.
  19. I agree to comply with the acceptable use policy of any other networks that I access.


Personal electronic devices

Lower and Middle Schoolrooms: smartphones and other similar data/internet-enabled devices may not be brought into school. **

Upper Schoolroom: smartphones and other similar data/internet-enabled devices may only be brought into school when advanced notification of their use for learning or activities has been given by a member of staff; they should remain switched off and locked away when not required. **

Seniors: smartphones and other similar data/internet-enabled devices may be brought into school but must remain switched off and out of sight throughout the day in all areas of the school, unless their use is specifically requested or permitted by a member of staff for learning or activities; or at lunchtime in the Seniors’ social space only.

College: smartphones and other similar data/internet-enabled devices may be brought into school but must remain unused and out of sight throughout the day in all areas of the school, unless their use is specifically requested or permitted by a member of staff for learning or activities, or in the College social and study spaces only.

** Students and parents can contact each other via reception during the day. A Schoolrooms student travelling home by public transport may choose to bring in a basic, non-smartphone with the prior permission of the Deputy Head provided that this is locked away in a locker during the day.

Devices other than school-provided PCs, e-readers or permitted laptops are not allowed in the library or in prep sessions; this includes music players and headphones.

Use of Laptops

Schoolrooms students may only bring a laptop into school with the explicit permission of the Learning Support Department, where they require one to support their specific learning needs.

Seniors and College students may bring a laptop into school for use in lessons, activities and preps with the specific permission on each occasion of a member of staff. At all other times laptops must be switched off and out of sight.

All laptops must be logged on the school network using your own username and password. Mobile wifi hotspots are not permitted in school.

Boarding Houses

Regulations for device use outside of the school day will be explained to boarders. Speak to your Housemaster/mistress or the DIrector of Boarding if you are not sure what to do.


When a device is used in an unacceptable way, you will be asked for the device and it will be given to the Deputy Head for 24 hours. If the device is needed during the evening it will normally be returned at 5.30pm. In this case the device must be returned to the Deputy Head by 8.30am and will be kept for the equivalent of two school days.

Other sanctions may be given if the mobile has been used in a way that is at odds with the principles of the community.

Use of personal electronic devices outside school

You are responsible for your use of electronic devices at all times. If the school becomes aware that a student has been using a device in a way which is at odds with the behavioural expectations, it reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate disciplinary action.


Supervision and monitoring

IT resources are monitored to help ensure that they are used in line with this policy. The School reserves the right to examine, use, and disclose any data found on the school's networks in order to ensure the health, safety, discipline, or security of any member of the community, or to protect property. The School filters and logs all internet access to ensure that only age appropriate information can be accessed. Extremist, illegal and pornographic material is blocked for all users. The information gathered may be used in disciplinary actions, and will provide evidence of crime to law enforcement.

If you wish to access an online resource that is blocked by the School’s filters, please use the form on the student portal.


Consequences for violation

Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy may result in disciplinary action, including the loss of your privileges to use the school's IT resources.


Student User Agreement

I agree to follow the school rules on the use of the school IT resources. I will use them in a responsible way in keeping with the school’s ethos, and will observe all the conditions explained in the school Acceptable Use Policy.

I agree to report any misuse of the network to the IT Department.

I also agree to report any websites that are available on the school Internet that contain inappropriate material to the IT Department.

If I do not follow the rules, I understand that this may result in loss of access to these resources as well as other disciplinary action. I realise that students under reasonable suspicion of misuse in terms of time or content may have their usage monitored or their past use investigated. 


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